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06 March 2007 @ 10:55 am
Beta Reader Needed  
Hi everyone. New here, not new to Final Fantasy fiction (or doujinshi, as it actually turns out), I got wind of this comm from ff_epicfic.

In short I'm here because I desperately need (another) beta reader. I already have an excellent one, and I try to proofread my own stuff at least three times before it goes live, but invariably, something stupid ALWAYS gets through the first live run of any chapter of any of my stories.

Here is the relevant info for the current story that needs beta-ing:

FF Series: FFX / FFX-2
Title: Memento Vivere
Characters(s)/Pairing(s): Rikku/Old Auron (unrequited), Rikku/Young Auron (reciprocal?), Rikku/Gippal (unrequited), Braska/Rikku (unrequited), Jecht/His Alcohol (reciprocal!)
Story Type: chaptered, word count so far 82,000+, no pressing need to "BACK" beta done chapters though.
Summary: Sin is a memory, Vegnagun is scrap metal and a new era of peace has swept over Spira. It's not enough for Rikku, who is still waiting for her own story to begin. But what happens when her search brings her on a pilgrimage to the past... literally?
Notes/Warnings: So far 14 chapters of this are posted on FF.net. I already have one beta, but I am looking for another who will proof stuff I write not necessarily for grammar and spelling errors, but more for logic, plot continuity, and 'that's not a real verb' / 'that phrasing is redundant / you used the same adjective too many times' kind of thing.

The story involves time travel and the collective logic-migraine that always goes along with it, so since I'm looking for a logic-beta-er please be prepared to deal with that plot complication, too.

I also prefer to communicate via email, so please if you're interested, send me a line. Thanks in advance for any response!

nicole.wehmann AT gmail