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bangonfic's Journal

Bang on! Fic - Final Fantasy Beta Readers
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Welcome to Bang On! Fic!

This is a support, writing/discussion/writing support community for people who write fanfic in the Final Fantasy fandoms, any Fantasy will do. This is a place to come get your work scoped out before you post it for all of your watch list to see, or even on another archive. This is a place to come beta or offer to be a beta, and to discuss aspects of Final Fantasy as pertaining to fanfiction.


1) Every so often there will be writing prompts and challenges posted. These prompts are simply to inspire writing. Writing using these themes can be posted anywhere and then a link dropped onto the weekly post to show off the writing, or to the community for feedback. Have fun and be creative!

2) On Reviewing: a little series of thoughts that sometimes have to do with reviewing and sometimes with receiving reviews. No schedule; all articles can be found using the tags.

3) Read and Review Mondays: a project given to the community by auronlu. Each Monday a post is made to remind people to review stories they've read recently or even to read that story they didn't have time to enjoy. More information can be found by searching the read and review mondays tag.

We all like to be told how cool our work is but it doesn't help us grow as writers. It's important to get opinions from people who are willing to be honest. Come here if you want to improve, so you can be proud of the shiny glory of the work you are presenting to the world. :)

Before Posting in the Community

1) Don't be afraid! We're all here to help each other. :D

2) State what type of feedback you are looking for. This helps us help you.

3) Please try to at least spell-check before you post, as well as perhaps give the thing a cursory read over. Try reading it out loud as well, you'll find awkward phrasing better that way.

4) You must post your story to the community, regardless of its status. The only exception to this rule is if your story exceeds 10,000 words. Also realize that all feedback will normally be left on this community rather than at the location of your story.

5) Please do not post more than 3 stories a day. :)

6) There is no limit on word count but for LJ-based limits; please see #3.

7) Review and respond to others as much as you are able to.

8) All work, except for header, must be under a <lj-cut text="titleofyourstory"> tag.

9) Format your heading as shown. Proper headers help users know if they will be helpful to you. we have tried to use a simple as header as possible; the last two things are specific to this community for getting help with fiction.

Fandom: What universe fic is set in; this community is for all games—this is important.
Characters/Pairings: Please spell out names; no initials.
Rating: MPAA/fictionratings are fine.
Summary: Brief outline of story.
Status: 1st draft, 2nd draft, utterly rough and unpolished, etc.
Comments requested: Are your characters in-character? Is your dialogue weak? Does the story have appeal? What are the weak points? Do your verbs agree? Are you jumping from past to present tenses?

Here is the pre-coded version of this for ease of use:

<b>Comments requested:</b>

What Bang On! Fic is not for:

1) Any work written outside the Final Fantasy realm (cross-overs are a-okay!)

2) People who can't handle criticism.

3) People who want to be cruel other people. It's called constructive criticism for a reason. Good criticism outlines the good and bad, taking into account grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Good criticism is not "this sucks, yeah? don't write anymore, you stink." That type of criticism will lead to a boot out the door.

At Bang On! Fic we encourage people to look for a beta reader if they want a more one-on-one approach. To request a beta reader, you can use either of the following formats. The first is to request a general beta reader the second is to request a beta reader for is single piece of writing.

You may also adapt these forms to offer your services as a beta reader as well.

FF Series: (which Final Fantasy series, like FFVII, or FFVII and FFX both)
Characters(s)/Pairing(s): (characters and pairings you write the most)
Story Types: (do you write longer work or shorter works?)
Notes/Warnings: (anything you feeling a potential beta reader should know about your writing style and content)


FF Series: (which Final Fantasy series, like FFVII, or FFVII and FFX both)
Title: (the title of your work)
Characters(s)/Pairing(s): (characters and pairings in the story)
Story Type: (is the story stand alone or chaptered?)
Summary: (short summary of the story)
Notes/Warnings: (anything you feel a potential beta reader should know about the story; AU, what-if story, touchy subject matter, etc)

This community brought to you by heyheyrenay and her badly-trained monkey cupcakemonster. If you need to contact one of the mods please comment on this entry.

To advertise Final Fantasy related communities, see ff_press and/or ff_noticeboard.

bangonfic is listed at the Guide to Final Fantasy on LJ.